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Monstera Deliciosa Philodendron Swiss Cheese Live Plant

Monstera Deliciosa Philodendron Swiss Cheese Live Plant

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Monstera deliciosa Philodendron

One of the most sought-after houseplants an eye-catching tropical house plant with gorgeous large, heart-shaped split leaves.  Bring a naturalistic and tropical vibe with air cleaning qualities is an easy-care plant.

Monstera deliciosa, aka Swiss Cheese Plant, Split-leaf Philodendron is not actually a philodendron but a woody epiphytic vine. Other epiphytic plants that grown on tree are orchids, Bromeliads, many ferns and even some cactus. This plant is native to tropical regions of North and South America and can grow as tall as the tree in climbs up. Generally when potted indoors most are found around 6 to 8 feet height. Plant needs to be supported for aerial roots to attach to and climb.  Edible fruit is produced in its native habitat but not common in house plants, all other parts of the plant are toxic.

First two pics are of large clump growing in 3 gal container that are ready to be placed in grown next to tree, trellis, fence or potted up and tied to post until aerial roots take hold. Listing is for single rooted plant as shown in remaining photos.
Plant will be sent bare root, USPS Priority Mail, roots wrapped in paper ready for planting. Some trimming may be done for shipping purpose to fit package. Plant height will be around 16 to 20" Remember it is an epiphytic that grows attached to trees. 

Leaves sometimes do not handle stress of shipping. New leaves will quickly grow. DO NOT ORDER THIS PLANT UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH THE PLANT ARRIVING WITH DEAD LEAVES OR LOSING LEAVES AFTER IT ARRIVES.

General care, can grow outdoors year round zone 10, 11, plant in well drained but moist conditions. Potted in fast drain medium of bark and peat mix with some potting soil fine. Plant gets Arieal roots to attach to wooden post to climb so water enter plant not just medium on pot. Spray water bottle to mist leaves and roots well.

Shipping Info

I am not responsible for plants or items lost, damaged or destroyed during shipping (including freezing or drying from cold or heat) by the post office or left outdoors after delivery. If item is returned by P.O. or other carrier as unable to deliver you will need to pay new shipping to have item resent. UTMOST CARE WILL BE GIVEN IN PACKING. I CANNOT GUARANTEE SPIKES/BUDS/BLOOMS DURING SHIPPING. NO DISCOUNTS/REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR BROKEN/LOST BLOOMS, BUDS, SPIKES OR LEAVES. Bottom leaves may yellow during or soon after shipping due to stress of mailing. simply remove these older leaves. 

Cold weather warning!!! If you are or will be in next two weeks having below freezing temperatures consider not placing order or be aware the shipping may result in Cold Damage or plant death.  Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s. temperature below 25 is too cold to ship even with Heat Pack. Even with Heat Pack the package cannot be left outside after delivery. Plants shipped during cold weather without heat packs that suffer damage or die will not be replaced.

Hot weather warning!!!, if you are or will be having temperatures above 90 degrees it may place plants at risk of Heat Damage which I am not responsible for and will NOT refund or replace if damaged. Consider delaying order. Early morning deliveries much better than deliveries later in the day where package sits in delivery truck for hours in the heat. Steps to take to lessen weather related risk; Do not let package remain outside after delivery. Have held at Post Office for you to pick up.

Please review listing information and know what you are ordering. When selling more than one plant photos are similar to plant you will receive. First photo is often of flowering or mature plant, additional pics. are representative of plants you will receive as described in written listing info. Items shipped are as described and unless you receive the wrong item not as described or pictured should not be a reason to request refund. No refunds for changed mind, size, does not fit planned use, not what I expected. Must contact within one day of receiving with concern if you believe return or refund is warranted or other issue such as item missing. If you do have an issue after receiving plants please contact me to see what we can work out before giving negative feedback. I will work with you to accommodate reasonable request and resolve issues. I am a Fl. Dept. of Agriculture Certified Grower since 2008, plants are inspected. My handling time ( 5 or 10 business days ) allows for shipping most items at beginning of week, weather conditions, the pulling plants from stock including offsite greenhouse which I visit usually only once a week. Plants are prepared for shipping which includes for most a day of hydrating followed by a day to allow plants to dry. Plants like Tillandsia and Vanda orchids need to be completely dry prior to boxing. Shipping damp in a warm dark place increases chance for fungus to develop. Recommend you always do preventative treatment on any plant shipped and then water thoroughly to rehydrate. See care information from Mad Happenings and contact as soon as any concerns appear, waiting to see how plant does will not help.

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