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Colocasia escuenta Midnight Elephant Ear

Colocasia escuenta Midnight Elephant Ear

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Elephant Ears Midnight, one of the darkest elephant ear variety yet developed. Leaves are smoky black and velvety in appearance and stems are also dark. Similar to Black Magic, its leaves start out dark purple / green and morph into a deep dark purple black as the plant matures. Plant and leaves are also larger than Black Magic and stems are darker too, having a burgundy wine coloration.
see leaves and deep red stems in first 5 pics.  The 6th photo shows plant with yard stick similar to plant you will receive.

More differences of Midnight, see 7th pic is it readily produces runners on which new plants will develop not just new plants along side of mature plant. Aka Black Runner in some areas, so if put in ground give plenty of space. The 8th pic shows deep red stems of Midnight, Black Magic stem is green covered in red spots and reddish at end. The 9th pics shows underside of leaf, Midnight has deep red stem and veins through the leaf, Black Magic has lesser. Last two show young small leaf is darker where Black Magic will be green and underside red veins even as new leaf.  See pics in Black Magic listing.

Midnight is a so called runner type and there are green forms too. So yes I have seen Midnight called Black Runner and Black Marble called Midnight and Black Magic called Midnight and more. It gets confusing. This happens a lot when people in different areas use different names for same plant. Sometimes same name is used for different plants of same type or even of complete different genus. I believe there are photos out there of what is C. Marble or C. Black Marble being labeled as Midnight. The photos show a part dark and part green leaf, a marble effect. Similar to Mojito but less spots. Midnight by definition refers to total darkness, totally black. Not dark spots on grey green leaf. You do not name your Pet Midnight if it is spotted, stripped, not all black haired.

In research I found follow articles I used to support my wholesale purchase of type of plant. See; 

( )        ( ) and regarding Black marble

( ) ( )

Photos that look like Black Marble labeled as ( Midnight ) I believe are in error. Black Marble may also be known as Midnight Luxury variegated ori. But should not be labeled just as Midnight. 

Midnight is also a dwarf elephant ear plant that reaches up to around 3 feet tall not the 6 - 10 foot type. Great for ponds or marshy bogs and prefers bright filtered light, sun with some shade.

You will receive a single rooted plant similar to the one pictured with yard stick, not actual plant. 
Listing is for single rooted plant around 20" to 2 feet height. Plant you will receive will be trimmed for shipping. Plant will be sent in wrapped root ball and largest top leaves will be cut for shipping purposes so plant height when sent will be between 15 - 20" and ready to pot or place in ground. 
I am a Fl. Dept. of Agriculture Certified grower.
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Shipping Info

These plants are very delicate and lose leaves during shipping or soon afterwards thus main reason trimmed. Leaves will regrow quickly DO NOT ORDER THIS PLANT UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH THE PLANT ARRIVING WITH DEAD LEAVES OR LOSING ALL LEAVES AFTER IT ARRIVES.

This item does not ship to CA, HI, AK. If sent to CA Buyer assumes all Risk, no returns, no refunds, may be confiscated by Department of Agriculture.

Care information

General care Alocasia and Colocasia can grow outdoors year round zone 10, 11, some sites say 8 and 9 with covering and trimming down in winter. Some varies more cold hardy than others, indoors near window or in bright room. Like well drained but moist to boggy conditions, do not let hard dry.

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