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Alocasia Odora Elephant Ear

Alocasia Odora Elephant Ear

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 *Please read description and shipping info carefully.

Lovely easy grow tropical plant, big bright green arrowhead leaves. 

Listing is for single rooted plant as shown in last 5 photos. First five pics are of cluster larger mature plant and smaller younger plants.
This is a nice more compact grower of around two feet tall and forms nice clumps of bright apple green leaves. Does well in pot indoors in rich fast draining medium watered twice a week.
You will receive a plant similar to the one pictured in last 3 photos, not actual plant. Listing is for single rooted plant 12 - 18 " high.
Plant you will receive will be similar to last three photos and will be trimmed for shipping. It will be sent in wrapped root ball and largest top leaves may be cut for shipping purposes. Plant ready to pot or place in ground.

Shipping Info

These plants are very delicate and lose leaves during shipping or soon afterwards thus main reason trimmed. Leaves will regrow quickly DO NOT ORDER THIS PLANT UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH THE PLANT ARRIVING WITH DEAD LEAVES OR LOSING ALL LEAVES AFTER IT ARRIVES.

This item does not ship to CA, HI, AK. If sent to CA Buyer assumes all Risk, no returns, no refunds, may be confiscated by Department of Agriculture.

Care information

General care Alocasia and Colocasia can grow outdoors year round zone 10, 11, some sites say 8 and 9 with covering and trimming down in winter. Some varies more cold hardy than others, indoors near window or in bright room. Like well drained but moist to boggy conditions, do not let hard dry.

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