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Orchid Care

General Orchid Care


Phalaenopsis : Light low level light shade.

Dendrobium : Moderate light, early morning sun OK.

Oncidium Cattleya, Encyclia, Vanda :

Bright filtered light, morning late afternoon direct sun OK

Filtered Light, under tree, screen porch or window with northern or eastern exposure.


Water: Once a week soak well but do not let set in water tray. If roots are allways wet they will rot and plant wil die. Phals. escpecialy. Dens. Onc, Enc. require heavier watering and feeding though summer. Less during cooler dryer winter.

Vanda and many mounted orchids can be watered daily as there is no medium to retain moisture.

Feed liquid Orchid grow / bloom in every other watering during summer or after new psedubulb, new root growth developes, once a month in winter or right after bloom.

Potting: Phals at least once a year right after flowing. Cutting flower stem to base concentrates energy to growth, leaving steams that remain green may produce secondary smaller bloom . Phalaenopsis thrive with repotting, clean roots with water and clip any that are soft or mushy. May pot up in slightly larger pot to fit all the root into.

Den. Only repot in the spring when new root growth is visible. They like to be root bound so do not repot each year.

ONC. Enc, Cattleya can also be tight rooted. They do like to get potted up to larger size more so than den.