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Mad Happenings Events

PALMA SOLA BOTANICAL PARK Plant and Antique Sale, (941) 761-2866,
The 10 acre park in located near Robinson Preserve, 9800 17th Ave NW, Bradenton, FL 34209, take Mantee Ave West toward beaches turn right on 75th Street West towards Desoto National Monument. Spend a great day in North West Bradenton at each location. See you there, Mad Happenings. www.palmasolabp.org

Manatee River Garden Club Show and Sale,
Located off Mantee Avenue West turn towards river down 32nd Street West. 3120 FIRST AVENUE WEST, BRADENTON, FLORIDA 34205.
I will have a booth here on Saturday, Flower show Friday & Saturday see web site; www.manateerivergardenclub.com