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MAD Happenings Is

Orchids and Tropical Plants, Yard Art and Crafts:

Our tropical plants are Florida grown (greenhouse or open air), NOT Hot House Commercialized productions that are chemically serviced, gassed, and force bloomed. Therefore, with proper care, are readily adaptable and you are more likely to have success growing. Specializing in Orchids, Bromeliads, & other Epiphytes plus various tropical plants and oddities..

We offer a variety of ways to purchase from gifts, mounted, hanging, in sea shells, on driftwood to garden plants for yourself in grow containers, bare root, off sets and cuttings.


Various Gifts:

Tillandsias (airplants) attached to Fla. sea shells or drift wood.
Orchids and Bromeliads, Ferns growing in Coconuts..

Specialty gifts, costume jewelry,
and shell crafted Florida souvenirs.


Yard Art / Art Work / Crafts:

Unusal decor for your yard and patio. Made from reclaimed wood, sculptured pieces, and repurposed items. Sea shells, drift wood, coconuts and other beach related works.


Items can be obtained by:

Online Store *Still being populated

Ebay ebay.com/str/madhappenings

Etsy etsy.com/shop/DecorAfterSalvage

-Email or Phone order, leave detailed meassage and call back name & number.
­Per order for local pick­up by requested date. Confirmation will be needed prior to you ariving for pick up, some orders may be filled with 24 hour notice others made need a week or more.
-Shipping cost per container weight.